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유명 보험컨설팅사 Service Representative

등록일 2018-11-29  진행중
컨설턴트 방은서
연락처 02-563-5424
· 포지션
회사소개  유명 보험 컨설팅사
직급/직책  Senior Global Services Representative
  • provide dedicated client service related activities – maintain relationship with local clients and brokers, handle client service strategy, planning and ution;

  • ensure network integrity, relationship monitoring and enhancement with the WorldReach partners; (WRP)

  • facilitate local policy issuance with Global Processing Team, WorldReach partners and clients;

  • provide professional advice and consultation to all customers prospect and host operations personnel on insurance coverage and risk management matters within the FM Global licensed and WRP territories within Asia;

  • work closely with Global Services Account Engineers to support key risk improvement initiatives;

  • continue to update knowledge of underwriting guidelines, policy forms, loss prevention practices and insurance industry developments.   

근무지  Singapore
처우조건  면접 후 협의
· 자격요건
학력 학사 학위소지자
  • university degree or equivalent with a recognised professional qualification;

  • at least 6 years of property loss prevention and / or claims and / or underwriting experience desired;

  • external relationship experience (e.g. client / broker / insurer / reinsurer) desired;

  • experience dealing with an international service and distribution network, and property insurance industry would be an added advantage;

  • excellent verbal, written and presentation skills in English;

  • proficiency in Korean language is required;

  • strong communication skills to work with internal stakeholders and external clients to drive regional / national ution of the client service strategy;

특기사항  영어 우수자, 싱가폴 근무 가능자

· 접수방법
마감일 기간없음
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국영문이력서(프로필 사진,구체적인 경력기술 포함)