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유명 외국계 대기업 Loss Prevention Consulting Engineer

등록일 2019-10-24  진행중
컨설턴트 방은서
연락처 02-563-5424
· 업무내용
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- Consult to protect facilities against mechanical and electrical breakdowns, fire and many other hazards.
- Develop strong client relationships to advise on risks associated with client businesses
- Develop and implement risk improvement strategies
- Evaluate the integrity and reliability of equipment, identify hazards and deficiencies to deliver focused risk improvement solutions and reduce equipment risk
- Utilize Operating standards, industry standards and guides to provide risk guidance and implement best practices
- Prepare engineering reports, loss scenarios, expectancies to support risk improvement
- Collaborate with Staff Engineering, Client Services, Account Management and Underwriting on Boiler & Machinery recommendations
- Travel to large, industrial client sites to evaluate the operations and systems of the site and identify risks and hazards.

- 자격요건
- Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent work experience with a concentration in either electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering
- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a high hazard industry such as power generation, chemical, nuclear, mining, pulp & paper, manufacturing or maritime.
- Must possess knowledge of pressure vessel, electrical and/or mechanical equipment, their interrelationships and knowledge of safety devices
- Demonstrated experience to understand basic machinery and equipment along with hands on exposure
- Strong verbal and written communication skills, proficiency in MS Office products is required
- Analytical, organized and have good problem solving and interpersonal skills

- 기타/특기사항
Good communication skill in English.
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